Love, In Heart

Book Title: Love, In Heart
BY Chen Chun
Translated by LI Chunmei & YU Jianping
Copyedited by Claudia CHEN (USA)
ISBN: 978-1-4878-0996-6
Trim Size: 6 in × 9 in
Pages: 266

About the book

This book is the autobiography of a female cardiac surgeon. It is the author’s review of her life in the past 40 years of medical practice. The book puts the author’s personal life experience into the context of China’s times and closely links the author’s personal growth and struggle with the country’s destiny. The book is divided into eight parts, telling the author’s history of struggle chronologically, including both the frustration and depression of not being able to be a doctor in spite of her desire, and the true portrayal of the family planning work in government agencies; both her life transition considering the background of the times and her hesitation and thinking through the transition; both the exploration and struggle in the difficult environment of the 1980s, and the novelty and tension she felt while studying and working abroad; both frank display of the hardships and pressure she encountered as a cardiac surgeon, and the awe and solemn commitment of life; both the description and pride of success and independence in her career, and the experience and feelings of actively developing international exchanges and communicating with foreign counterparts. By reading this book, readers can glimpse the growth of a female cardiac surgeon and witness the development and changes in China in the past 40 years.

About the author

Chen Chun, born in Shanghai, has been engaged in cardiothoracic surgery in Shanghai Chest Hospital since 1971, and obtained a master’s degree from Shanghai Second Medical College in 1983. From 1984 to 1986, she studied cardiovascular surgery in Australia, and served as chief resident doctor and member of the surgical team at St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

She has long focused on the surgical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease in children. She has published more than 50 papers and books in professional conferences and magazines at home and abroad, and was employed as an adjunct professor and editorial board member of the magazine.

She used to be the vice president and secretary general of Shanghai Women Physician Association, and a representative of the 11th People’s Congress of Xuhui District. In 1992, she was awarded as one of the “Ten Distinguished Young Doctors in Shanghai.” She received the Special Allowance from the State Council in 1993, and was a representative of the 4th World Congress of Women in 1995. In 2014, she was awarded “Shanghai Charity Star.”

She was selected by the Cambridge International Biographical Center in the United Kingdom as “1991–92 International women” and “1994–95 The World Who’s Who of Women.”

She is now a member of the Chinese Medical Association, an international member of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and the Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) in the USA.